Top 5 Horror Movies 

Whether or not a horror movie is good or bad it must be still subjective. We watch movies in order to experience a roller-coaster ride of emotional responses. Here are some of the best:

Night Of The Living Dead (1968)

A group of individual that hold up within the farmhouse who must fight for the hungry presence of coming zombie armies. This was written by John Russo and George A Romero and was directed by Romero during 1968. This original zombie is, even today, ranked as one of the best horror movies in the field of film. Honestly, I think it’s the simplicity. We seems have a lonely farmhouse that was besieged by the undead and things cannot be explained as to how and why the dead are still rising, other than what the haunting line is “when there is no more room there in hell, then the dead shall come back and walk the earth”.

Top 5 Horror Movies 

Halloween (1978)

In Halloween we saw a kind of deranged murderer who escaped from a mental asylum returned to his place where he able to slays the unfortunate local teenagers. The movie opens with a scene from the point-of-view of Michael, a young boy who proceeds to massacre his sister with a kitchen knife. Also click this link: to get more information. This sets a shocking and unpredictable tone for the rest of the movie. Michael is just a simple, but an efficient killing type of machine, just like the shark in Jaws. What we discover so relaxing about him, is about the God-like love to stay alive, yet—as we say—you can’t kill a bogeyman individually!

Psycho (1960)

Originally, the book written by Robert Bloch, was then adapted later for the screen through Joseph Stefano and Alfred Hitchcock the late, great, and famous director. This is has to be known as the seminal slasher film that shocked the whole of America and has conquered the fear-formula for numerous future horror films.

The Exorcist (1973)

The best word to describe The Exorcist as shocking. A girl who was possessed by an evil’s entity and her mother enlisted the help from two priests in order to save her. Watching this film you get the distinct impression that what you see is real. Audiences was then being compelled just to believe the existence of Devil and its demons. The Exorcist leaves you with an unnatural feeling, in which you find yourself believing that there could well be a devil after all.

Bride of Frankenstein (1935)

This is the movie that proves that the sequels may surpass the original. Boris Karloff catches the attention of millions and the role made him famous, more so than that of film “The Monster “and, on the other hand. James Whale come back to direct new and another sinister of his masterpiece. What makes the Bride better compared to Frankenstein? I could have said that Karloff and Whale use their expertise of their original in enhancing their performances. If you want to read more visit this article here. The first theme in Frankenstein movies are that man must not play with God since a horrible consequences do exist. Indeed, The Monster is always aware that its existence is somewhat an abomination.

There are many more top horror movies but you will find the top five that was listed above being considered as the scariest.

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